About Bibliophile’s Retreat

MeI’m a voracious reader who enjoys sharing good books with other readers, which I do by posting reviews right here on this blog. I revel in using my imagination and reading lets my mind roam free in a fantasy world for hours on end even sometimes (if I’m lucky) after I’ve finished a book. My favorite genres include romance, fantasy, and historicals although a bit of adventure and suspense always spices up the show. Books can transport me anywhere, to any period in time and even to fictional worlds and cultures if I so choose. It’s only a matter of picking up the right books. The best writers are those who make me forget there’s a real world outside the story I’m reading.

Authors, Publishers and Publicists if you have books you’d like me to consider for review please use the form here or click on the link under the Home meenu. I can’t promise specific review dates but will post reviews as promptly as I am able to read the books. If books are sent without contacting me first I cannot promise a review but if they are of interest to me and the reading schedule allows I will let you know. All other questions and correspondence should use the contact form under the home menu or comment on the appropriate post, for contests follow instructions – rafflecopter, comments etc.

In addition to Bibliophile’s Retreat, I very occasionally write poetry as well as introspective reflection pieces which you can find on Journey of Trust. I do proofreading and copyediting as well as offering Virtual Assistant services for a variety of needs. Send your questions using the contact button for more info on these services with the subject of Organizing the Details.