Time Masters Book One: The Call by Geralyn Beauchamp

About Geralyn Beauchamp

Geralyn Beauchamp, a Wellness and Relationship coach, has written for fun all her life. A book reviewer for five years, she got to know a lot of great people and write a really big book! A book her author friends finally convinced her to share! Because of this her coaching has segued into writing and marketing for both aspiring and published authors. Geralyn and her family live in the Pacific Northwest.

This is definitely a buy and read many times novel. Geralyn puts so much into this story that you find new details and thoughts popping up every time you read it. I’ve already quit counting my “reads” for this book and it releases in November 2007 at last notice. I am definitely planning on adding it to my library. This book could fit any and all genres and the plot has been excellently crafted. Geralyn’s characters will come alive on the page and in your imagination even after putting the book down. The story goes from a “comedy sketch” due to characters being out of their accustomed environment on one page to fight scenes with action, adventure and suspense on the next. It will keep you up all night just to find out what happens on the next page, in the next chapter or even how the book ends.This book is definitely an emotional roller-coaster to read but that’s half the fun of reading it. Be sure to check out this upcoming release from Cold Tree Press. You just might find a new author to add to your favorites list. I can assure you I did.

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