A Season of Forgiveness by Brenda Coulter – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat (MySpace) by Melissa Meeks

First I want to thank Brenda Coulter for sending me a copy of this book to read. I enjoyed it immensely – in fact I read it in just a few hours. Despite not wanting to put this book down, even after turning over the last page, I was still forced to spread it out over a few reading sessions by other tasks that required my attention.

As in her earlier books, the characters come to life for the reader. Her plotlines are resolved so as to satisfy the reader’s curiosity yet there is room to continue the story.

In the future I would love to see her write a continuing series to follow the same characters further in their story than a single book. Her characters grab you in such a way that you want to spend more time with them and greet them as old friends in another book down the road. One just isn’t enough!

I was able to identify with all the characters to some degree, which testifies to the quality of Ms. Coulter’s character development. I found that I identified with the heroine Victoria (Tori)Talcott most of all partially due to the fact that I see alot of myself in her. There were even a few scenes that caused my stomach to start doing somersaults on me because I identified so closely with this heroine and her fight to let go.

Tori is an uptight, quiet woman. Risk is a negative word in her vocabulary! When Sam McGarry , an adrenaline junkie and adventure loving sportsman, comes into her life both their worlds are turned inside out. While each sees how illogical it would be to pursue this relationship each one responds differently to this recognition.

Will they be able to acknowledge that love itself is an illogical concept? Can their connection outweigh Tori’s fears and insecurities? Will they end up together in the end?

To find out read A Season of Forgiveness by Brenda Coulter. It will be available in stores September 25 or you can order now on Amazon. Don’t miss this Steeple Hill Love Inspired title among their October 2007 releases.

The excerpts for this book and her other two are accessible at BrendaCoulter.com. The links are on the left hand side of the page – book titles – under Who is Brenda Coulter?

Trailer for A Season of Forgiveness:

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