CSFF Blog Tour – The Return by Austin Boyd

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

CSFF Blog Tour Presents:
The Return by Austin Boyd Book Three of the Mars Hill Classified Series
(NavPress July 2007)

Mr. Boyd’s series sounds very intriguing. He has taken one of his own dreams and written a character who was able to live it out in the confines of these novels. The main character is an astronaut, who in living out this dream is separated from those he loves. In The Return, which is the third installment:

“Admiral John Wells returns to Mars on another mission where life continues to become more unpredictable by the moment and the past and future collide. Nothing is as it seems and life on Earth hangs in the balance as Malcolm Raines attempts to grow his Father Race. John Wells find himself in a race against time and odds to discover and expose the truth about Mars, Malcolm Raines and even himself if he has the courage.”(Excerpt and paraphrase of cover synopsis)

This book is available on Amazon use title link above to access the page for this product.

Additional information on Austin Boyd and his books is available on his website. Click on his name at the beginning of this post to access the website.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and offering your evaluation. Have you read the book or are you wanting to put your name in for the draw?

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