Abandoned Identity by Tamara Tilley – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

This book is quite the page turner. While it is classified as a General Fiction/Romance according to the cover, I wouldn’t hesitate to place it in the Suspense category. There is definitely the romance element to the plot and a semi-stereotypical romance ending. However Tilley puts quite a twist into this plot as well as leaving alot of room for things to change and the past to perhaps rear its head once again. Jennifer and Harrison first meet as competitive colleagues in the corporate world. They may be working for the same company and hence should be a “team” however he got her job because daddy and the company higher-ups were buddy-buddy. After being stranded at the office by a snowstorm they start to realize a different connection exists. Their answer to this dilemma however differs. Jennifer has lived her life on the run and Harrison already knows too much about her past so she reverts to what she knows – running away. She disappears but he is unable to stop thinking about her and does his best to track her down. When he has given up on ever seeing her again he encounters a striking look-alike in of all places California and they had been colleagues at a company in Chicago. Is it really her? Why is she on the run? Will they ever be able to overcome her past and live a quiet life together or will she continue running and leave him behind and both of them alone once again? Read Abandoned Identity to find out. This is a roller coaster of suspense, adventure, danger, romance and questions of trust and faith as well.

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