Sushi for One by Camy Tang – My Review

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This book is delightfully silly in places without being shallow. It makes for some good lighter weight reading in between the emotional rollercoasters and tense suspense novels that twist my stomach into knots. Lex and her cousins have to band together because they are all the “next” OSFC (oldest single female cousin) after the family’s spring wedding. What does being the OSFC mean, well in Lex’s family it means Grandma isn’t going to leave you alone till you’re practically married and she thinks he’s the right one. When Grandma decides it’s your turn in this family, life will be miserable if you let her dictate the rules and if you decide to run your life on your terms or anyone’s besides hers for that matter it gets even more miserable. Lex as the first in line after Mariko’s wedding gets the brunt of Grandma in this book as well as the rest of the family trying to help because Grandma basically “owns” the whole family or can buy them off if she doesn’t. Finally Lex and her three closest in age cousins (Jenn, Trish and Venus), who will be next in line after Lex for the matchmaking attempts of the entire family, realize it will take all of them working together to outsmart Grandma and still manage to stick to their convictions where dating is concerned. This in itself is a whole kettle of fish because the four girls are Christians and Grandma is still enmeshed in Japanese Buddhist beliefs so thinks the girls are just playing the “he’s got to be a Christian” card to reject all her offerings of young men.

In this book Lex experiences any number of lessons about faith, love, discernment and obedience along with her cousins. I think the biggest thing for Lex in this book is letting go and trusting God enough to leave the outcomes up to him instead of trying to make it work her way. Wow that’s a lesson I better remember too since I tend to want to make everything happen my own way instead of letting go and letting God be in control – which He really is anyway. This is a great read for those who are single whether you are “looking” for a relationship or content to stay single and for anyone single or not who either has family and friends that insist they need a significant other NOW! Or knows someone single in that position. Remember if you’re single you could be the next one on someone’s matchmaking list. Although most of my friends who get the matchmaking bug have good intentions I am leery of what some of their choices might mean in terms of date results if I actually let them loose to set me up and Lex’s experience in this book seems to parallel that hunch of mine.

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