The Void by Mark Mynheir – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Mr. Mynheir has written not only an enthralling suspense novel but one with deep underlying themes of good vs. evil, scientific “breakthroughs” that might be more than they appear, allegories and circumstances that could be today’s reality if humans choose to use technology already at our disposal without considering all the possibilities.

In less than 350 pages this author has penned a thriller that follows one person’s “journey of a lifetime”. Robbie’s story raises a number of questions for me as a reader. These include – when I am face to face with evil how will I respond? This is not an “if” or a “theoretical” query in my mind. The way it happens in this novel may not be the way it happens for me or anyone else in reality but regardless of the manifestation I do believe evil is real and we will all face it (perhaps very subtly even disguised in something we perceive as good) and have to choose how we will handle that inevitable confrontation when it occurs. That question leads to others such as who/what do I serve by my actions and attitude? Not only are these questions raised by this novel but they are answered for some of Mr. Mynheir’s characters through the course of the story.

The plot moves forward at a pace that kept me as a reader engaged and invested in the characters and story. The characters are not only intriguing they are developed to the point of the reader being in their shoes. They are authentic and cause me as a reader to identify with what they experience even when I have no other frame of reference for their circumstances. I am delighted that the high quality of this work thoroughly overshadowed the very few mechanical problems in the text. It usually takes an extremely small number of mechanical issues to detract from a reading experience for me yet Mr. Mynheir’s writing is so exceptional I was almost able to ignore the errors in this book.

I may have to seek out copies of the previous books in this series after experiencing the depth and realism that Mr. Mynheir is able to fit into such a limited space of words. His grasp of language and words along with the ability to use them so effectively only enhances the appeal of this book in my opinion.

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  1. What strikes me about this novel is just how plausible it really is and that does kind of freak me out. You talked about being a “scaredy-cat” and I’m right there huddled in the corner with you, sheet over my head. The creepy factor was pretty high on this one. The thing is, though, knowing that supernatural fallen angels really do exist, and knowing that cloning is within the realm of possibility, I can imagine this scenario coming to life. if nothing else, Christians who read The Void should consider just how close they are in their walk with God.

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