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Leah Starr Baker: a Christian, a wife, a mother, a born storyteller. The daughter of a minister/author, Leah wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. No instead, she was teethed on the Gospel. Living in the hill country of western Colorado until the age of ten, she spent many a night listening to the early beginnings of her father’s writings. It was there that she learned the true beauty of the English language and the power of the pen. From Colorado, her family moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and though the life of a preacher’s kid was challenging at times, Leah wore the mantel of role model well. Leah had big dreams and a multitude of talents. In 1994, she found her soul mate, Douglas Baker, and they were married later that year. He, like Leah, was a dreamer and a huge supporter of her dreams. With his help, she went on to be crowned Mrs. Oklahoma 1995 and to record three demos and one entire album in Nashville, Tennessee before turning her sights entirely upon the joys of being a wife and perhaps a mother. But life as a wife was difficult for such a spirited young woman and before long Leah was immersed in the world of politics. But the birth of two children in less than 18 months put her political aspirations on the back burner. Never one to rest on her laurels, Leah began a real estate career when Alexandria was four and Deuce was two. After a promising start, she was stricken with an unexplainable illness. After months of testing it was discovered that she had Systemic Lupus, a chronic disease that affects the immune system. Before long, she was forced to stop working entirely. Trapped at home in a body that refused to cooperate, she turned to her forgotten love…writing. It didn’t take much time to rekindle the flames and within three months her first novel was complete and she began work on Bunko Babes. Without a doubt, Leah has a promising career as a novelist ahead of her and we look forward with great anticipation to additional stories from this shooting STARR. Leah Starr Baker: a Christian, a wife, a mother, a born storyteller. That one sentence encapsulates her entire life. For that is what she is and what she will always be. A born storyteller, Leah has spent her life turning her own tragedies and triumphs into entertainment and encouragement for others.

I have two copies of this wonderful book to giveaway. Leave a comment here for a chance to win. Share with us about your group of best girlfriends and one of your favorite things to do together. Please US mailing addresses only and leave an email to contact you if you win. If there’s no email to reach you I draw a different name. You can use a format such as forest_rose[at]yahoo[dot]com to avoid spammers. Drawing will take place Thurs March 27th from all comments stamped 11:59PM Wed March 26th or earlier.

Read My Review. Check out this author’s website and read my interview with Leah and learn some fun trivia as well as more about this book and her writing.


  1. With a name like The Bunko Babes, I have to enter this one! Thanks.


  2. Greetings! I have to tell this little story. Last Tuesday, I was a sub for a bunco group and I was talking about seeing this book on your site and I remembered the title had Bunko, but couldn’t remember the rest. My friend said Bunko Babes?! That is one group thing I do with friends. I also belong to a card making group. We meet at each other’s homes once a month and work on our card creations, talk and have a meal. It is a lot of fun. Another group of us love to have lunch at the various tearooms in our area. This book sounds wonderful to me. Please enter me in your drawing. I appreciate it…..Thanks,Cindi

  3. Thank you for having a giveaway. I don’t really have a group of girlfriends…. I have buried myself in my family and business. I however used to LOVE the women’s retreats our church used to have and looked forward to them!

  4. I am rather lacking in the friend dept. I guess… I have 2 friends I occasionally talk to on the phone– or write letters to– but no get-togethers in a long, long time.

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