Meet Sharon K. Souza, author of Every Good and Perfect Gift

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About the Author:
“I’m an avid fan of Christian fiction, both as a writer and a reader. I am pleased that it has grown to include titles that are topping the most prestigious best seller lists in America. As a Christian and lover of fiction, I believe it’s time this genre came into its own, and have a strong desire to contribute to it.” ~SHARON SOUZA

Sharon and her husband Rick have been married 36 years. They live in northern California, and have three children and 6 grandchildren. Rick travels the world building churches, Bible schools and orphanages. Sharon travels with him on occasion, but while Rick lives the adventure, Sharon is more than happy to create her own through fiction.

When Sharon’s friends ask her, “why write fiction at all, why not write ‘the truth?'” Sharon says two answers come to mind. First, that “burning fire shut up in her bones” (Jer. 20:9) finds its release in fiction. Second, when Jesus wanted to get a heavenly truth across, He didn’t deliver a three-point sermon. He told stories. Her desire in writing inspirational fiction is that women who read these books will find them easy to share with other women who haven’t yet come into relationship with Jesus, and that those women will be directed to the One who loves them with an everlasting love.

Sharon chose the themes and especially the portrayal of the friendship in this book because she spent several years in her early adulthood without a close friend. When she experienced having one for the first time, she realized what had been missing and truly saw this as a gift from the Lord. But beyond that, she’s also experienced the truth of Proverbs 18:24: “. . . there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” In the book, Gabby learns through her darkest moments that the Lord reaches out to us in compassion, spanning the gap between our need and His provision. That’s also been the case in Sharon’s life over and over.

About the Book:
In an interview Souza has stated, “The theme of Gift is extraordinary friendship.” The foundation for this friendship is laid during the characters’ childhood, tested through the issue of infertility, and exemplified through catastrophic illness. The infertility was the catalyst which allowed them to get to the level of friendship expressed as a result of the illness. One character’s growth was accomplished because of infertility, while the other’s came through dealing with the repercussions of Alzheimer’s. Because these issues are so serious Souza tells us she chose humor to tell the story. Life experiences are heavy enough without adding to them as we read for pleasure. That’s not to say there aren’t serious moments in the book but her goal is for the reader to be buoyed by the lighter sections as opposed to overloaded by the weightier ones.

What other authors are saying about Every Good & Perfect Gift:
“Sharon Souza’s beautiful novel will sweep you into the embrace of an extraordinary friendship, with all the giddy laughter of new adventure, the sparkle of young love, the joy of motherhood, the anguish of unexpected sorrow, and the hard-won wisdom of faith and gratitude. When you have turned the last page and wiped your tears, the story will enchant you for days and weeks and maybe even years to come.” ~KATHLEEN POPA, author of To Dance in the Desert

“In a crisp, upbeat style, Sharon Souza weaves an emotional tale of friendship and faith. She offers an insightful journey through complex issues. I came away touched.” ~SALLY JOHN, author of The Beach House

“What an absolutely wonderful book, vibrating with rich characters and brimming with life. I loved it! A debut novel of the highest quality. Don’t miss this good and perfect gift!” ~GAYLE ROPER, author of Fatal Deductions

“Sharon Souza’s debut is chock-full of motherhood and grace, humor and friendship, wonderfully weaved with the strong cords of faith. Bravo!” ~RAY BLACKSTON, author of Flabbergasted

“Every Good and Perfect Gift captured my imagination from the first line, causing me to contemplate the bonds of such an extraordinary relationship. What would the world be like if more friendships were like Gabby and DeeDee’s? Sharon Souza’s debut novel is achingly beautiful and tender, often richly funny, and hauntingly memorable.” ~JULIE CAROBINI, author of Chocolate Beach and Truffles by the Sea

“Every Good and Perfect Gift swept me down memory lane to the joys and trials of starting a family. Sharon Souza uses her skilled hand to wipe away the fine line between friends and family and shows us that God has a loving plan, even when our faith is tested. A touching debut.” ~NICOLE SEITZ, author of Trouble the Water and The Spirit of Sweetgrass

(All information to this point in the post has been excerpted and paraphrased from a press release and interview provided by the author’s publicist at Books & Such Literary Agency)

My Musings:
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