When Zeffie Got a Clue by Peggy Darty – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

What do you get when you throw together a mystery writer, an angelic little girl doing her best to help the sick grandmother that has been raising her, and a secondhand store that refurbishes castaway items into beautiful treasures? In the case of Peggy’s latest Summer Breeze installment they all become part of a new attempt at solving a murder at a nearby estate that happened nearly a decade ago.

The darling little “angel” – Zeffie – brings a jewelry box, that was the last gift she received from her mother, into the shop – I Saw it First. This secondhand store is owned by the aforementioned mystery writer, Christy, along with her Aunt Bobbie who does most of the refurbishing and creating. Christy buys the box from Zeffie who is trying to scratch up money for her grandmother’s medical bills in any way her eight year old brain can think up. In the process of removing the worn lining of the box Christy discovers a paper linking the box to a nearby estate where a murder occurred about a decade earlier but was never solved.

Christy’s grandmother lives on a small farm bordering that estate and Christy was acquainted with the victim due to vacations spent at her grandmother’s which included visits next door and community events where the family was present. In fact she feels she owes the victim one more all out attempt at finding his killer because he once rescued her from drowning when she had more guts than common sense.

What kind of trouble will Christy rustle up in her amateur sleuthing and who will she rile when she starts discovering the truth? Can her friends and family talk her out of this hare-brained idea or will they simply have to do their best to watch her back? Read this delightful book with so many twists you won’t want to put it down after the first few pages. Zeffie will break your heart, Christy will mirror your own determination in some area and all the other characters will find their places amongst your list of imaginary friends that have been brought to life by talented authors in our world.

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