Never Ceese by Sue Dent – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

What brings a Vampire and Werewolf together and why do they need each other? Sue has an interesting take on these questions in this book. First of all they both believe that their situation is a curse but one believes they have little or no control over their “bad” side. Secondly in their human forms they seem familiar to the other but why? Have the curses changed who they are in their heart, can they summon the strength to remember the faith of their human family despite the pain? Will this faith and their connection rescue them from a fate worse than death?

These characters are searching for so many answers and solutions it might make your head spin. They travel to New York to find a human who might have some answers only to discover she is also still searching and someone else wants them for other reasons. They didn’t choose to be what they are; their state was chosen for them by the ones who attacked to pass on their own curses to others. However it seems the reason they may be desirable to some is a greed for an unlimited lifetime and near invincibility in exchange for humanity and the option of heaven when that human body expires. Will greed win out and pay the premiums expected or will the loot IF gained prove worthless after all?

Find out Richard and Ceese’s fate as well as the answers to these questions by reading Never Ceese. This is a very different premise than anything I’ve ever picked up before. Despite the oddness of the elements used, this author ended up posing many interesting questions and bringing out some intriguing ideas that might not have been possible in a less ethereal and unique context. The sequel Forever Richard will likely be released sometime this fall. I am curious to see where Sue takes the story of Richard and Ceese from here.

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