Sincerely Mayla by Virgina Smith – My Review

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While I don’t recommend reading series out of sequence, if you end up getting ahold of Sincerely, Mayla first you won’t be lost if you haven’t read Just As I Am. Even though it is the sequel to Mayla’s debut it stands alone quite nicely. Very little backstory is needed and that is artfully woven into this narrative. I devoured this book in a couple of days as once you’ve met Mayla she drags you along willingly or otherwise to experience all her adventures and foibles as a young woman learning about real life. The book starts out with Mayla being replaced by her boss’ niece who happens to have just gotten her Associates Degree while Mayla left well enough alone with her High School Diploma. Since she is given an enforced vacation, per se, Mayla is encouraged by her roommate to get out of snowy Kentucky and enjoy some warmer climes for a bit. This nudges her to make a long neglected trip to Florida to see her Grandmother and Aunt who have not been the most welcome company in her mother’s opinion since they blame her for their son and brother’s early demise though she was merely carrying out his wishes.

This was quite the frolic to read and Mayla’s many escapades as well as those of her fellow characters made for some wonderful entertainment even for someone who has BTDT but I think I may still need some refreshers as far as trusting God and relinquishing control go. Mayla seems to catch on quickly to this concept or does she really? Read the book to see how Mayla’s relationships with family, friends, and God grow and stretch as she faces one of life’s most difficult moments for a single person – losing a job with nowhere to go but no relief from bills either.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by I loved the book and am looking forward to reading Just As I Am soon. I also look forward to your upcoming releases especially the Sister-to-Sister sequels and anymore Mayla books you may write.


  2. What a wonderful author/person! Her character of Mayla sounds like she is about to grow a lot along the story line of this book! Her Grandmother has to be an interesting part of Mayla’s growth! I would love to read the book and see how Mayla’s faith helps her get through the job loss and nowhere to go. Please enter me in your drawing. I appreciate it!
    Many thanks,Cindi

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