A Whisper of Freedom by Tricia Goyer – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Tricia has once again transported readers into the lives of characters living in another era. The third installment of her Spanish Civil War series is another emotionally rich story of people’s lives being changed through the events they are caught up in. As with the previous two books this is not a war story but rather the story of people whose lives were forever changed by these battles that paved the way for the worldwide conflict that was to follow. What we know as WWII started well before the dates in our history books but because these prior battles were amongst the Spaniards themselves (or so some would like for us to believe) it was not worthy of recognition as an event in world history. This author populates her pages with wonderful historic details that many are not aware of even over half a century later. Ancient mythological treasure, people who are not what they seem and hearts forever changed join the rich details of this novel amongst the pages. Characters are faced with many lessons in the areas of Faith, Trust, Hope and Love that either changed their understanding immensely or built upon whatever small foundation they may have already acquired. Very much like real life, these people were daily faced with new questions of who to trust and how much to reveal to those they did. Every day these questions required a new perusal in light of new people involved and often required a change in the answers as well. Who will end up surviving the battles for a country’s loyalties as well as for a treasure which could bolster either sides significant lack of resources for wartime? How can hearts and minds choose a side when both want to see the other destroyed? To what lengths will people go to appear to value either side as it suits their own selfish purpose? As Goyer’s characters face these and numerous other questions of loyalty and goals they also come up against their own values, beliefs and level of greed – if any. Don’t forget to pick up copies of A Valley of Betrayal (Book 1) and A Shadow of Treason (Book 2) before reading A Whisper of Freedom (Book 3) if you haven’t already read the first two. The backstory and character development in thsi series flow through the books in such a way that the experience is much richer if you read them all in their proper order.

Don’t miss the Blog Tour stopping here on Friday for details on a chance to win a signed copy of this book as well as details on how you could enter to win the entire series. In the meantime you can find reviews and more info on the book page at Barnes and Noble by clicking the book cover and don’t forget to read my review of A Shadow of Treason (Book 2). Friday’s post will also have many more links related to the book and author.

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