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Thomas Nelson (March 4, 2008)
Faith, love and forgiveness all share the trait of often being harder to give to ourselves than to others. Not to say they are easy in the least as they rarely are. Lisa brings these struggles to life for some very unique characters in Embrace Me. Drew and Daisy knew nothing besides being in the public eye but all the time they were hiding deep insecurities and wounds that only themselves and God could see. Eventually these wounds were translated into intentionally inflicted outward injuries which forever scarred their bodies. Each manifested in different ways but both in an attempt to leave behind a past they’d rather not face not only changed their appearances but their names as well. In order to move on woth their lives however there comes a point where they must decide whether to forgive even the seemingly unforgivable and learn to open their hearts to love once more. They are unable to accept the love of God and others unless they learn to love themselves and embrace who they are despite the past they wish had never come to pass.

Will Augustine and Valentine discover one another’s pasts and how the two intertwined not only amongst themselves but with their old identities as well? Can they bring themselves to forgive and love themselves despite their personal lacks that are more glaring to themselves than to the outside world? Can they embrace their identities in Christ and see beyond past mistakes to love and forgive those who they feel are responsible for the messes their lives are now? Will relationships flounder or grow and flourish as Christ touches their hearts and souls to step out in faith for Him?

All these questions and more are addressed through narration from the characters’ points of view as they wrestle with conviction and revelations that at first may seem better left undisturbed. This author puts us in Drew and Daisy’s shoes as they face important cross roads in their lives which will come for all of us at some time on this earth. Their circumstances probably do not mimic those common to the rest of us but the ensuing choices and how to handle them are primarily the same. Not only is the reader asked to examine their own choices and beliefs but the situations of these main characters also presents the reader with the question of how do we vs how should we respond to those around us who fall into the categories of unlovely and unconventional. Samson brings us an emotionally stirring yet enjoyable story that encourages our own growth as we become a part of her characters’ world for the span of the novel. I’d love to see these characters appear again and share more of their story in a sequel or more. As usual Samson has brought us characters that tug on the heartstrings and challenge us to grow beyond choices based on ease and appearances.

Click the bookcover to purchase a copy at Barnes and Noble and read more about this wonderful new novel by an author who is quickly joining the ranks of my favorites list.
See this post for more links to info about the book and author.
(ISBN#9781595542106, 320pp, $14.99)

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