Dragonlight by Donita K Paul – My Review

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Waterbrook Press (June 17, 2008)
This novel is an adventurous chronicle of the characters’ quest to save their world from the ultimate evil it could face. Many have been deceived by lies and are ready to destroy those who have lived peacefully amongst them for generations and serve the same God (Wulder) they claim to. The ranks of the deceived are growing yet there is an even greater evil about to wake and it must be destroyed for Amara to continue its existence. The author’s descriptive prose made the glossary nearly unnecessary even to me who hasn’t read the previous books. I was able to imagine the land, the places and the peoples inhabiting them solely from the narrative. The glossary was however a nice addition for those like me who insist on attempting to pronounce everything letter perfect even when reading to myself. I especially enjoyed a scene near the end when the main thread is resolved for its descriptions of the situation and the reactions of those witnessing the event. Anymore though would ruin the story for those who haven’t read it so you’ll just have to read to find out what I am referring to.

While I did love Kale, Bardon, Toopka and the other characters in this story, I did find it difficult to read and suspect that is a result of reading book 5 in a series without having read the previous four. I highly suggest starting at the beginning and working your way through to this book if you are new to the series so that you don’t end up struggling as I did to follow this book for the first several chapters.
If you enjoy a vivid fantasy with characters who will live in your imagination for days or weeks to come then I enthusiastically recommend reading this series. (ISBN#9781400073788, 368pp, $13.99)

Check out more info on the book at its page on the Barnes and Noble website by clicking the bookcover. You can also read an author bio and the first chapter in this post.

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  1. Yes, I am sure it would have been easier to follow this book if you had read the others first. It’s one of those series where the past is refered o and built upon. I have read the whole series and pre-ordered this one, and I am anxious to see how it all ends up. The teens really love thie series.

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