Calico Canyon (Lassoed in Texas #2) by Mary Connealy – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Barbour Publishing, Inc (July 1, 2008)
If you’re looking for a rollicking romp through history this is the perfect book to grab. The Reeves clan will keep you rolling on the floor with laughter when you aren’t gasping in shock at their brushes with disaster and antics that would give almost any mom a heart attack if she caught you. When their bachelor pad cave, already wall-to-wall humans, is invaded by the local school teacher attempting to escape from bad memories come to life things really go topsy-turvy for everyone. The reader gets a Miss Manners meets Male central (6 males in a cave barely big enough for 1 though 5 are not yet men) experience. Wrestling matches and sledding off the roof with a landing patch outside the front door are only some of the surprises Grace encounters with this single father and his twins plus triplets family of rambunctious boys. This makes a great balance to all those intense emotional dramas, romances and historicals I can’t resist. So now that Grace is trapped amongst the family who were her nemeses until they got her removed as the teacher, will they become a family as the preacher seems to think they should for propriety’s sake or will they continue to rub the wrong way and look for whatever escape they can manage?
Check out Mary’s latest book to find out and to get a brief glimpse at the newest events in the McClellen clan which is another “Battle of the Sexes” only in reverse from the Reeves’ experience.

After reading Petticoat Ranch I was glad to have this one on its way to read as I fell in love with Mary’s vivid descriptions and wonderfully rich characters. I can’t wait for the next book in this trio, Gingham Mountain. (ISBN#9781597899383, 288pp, $10.97)

Read an excerpt in this post and find some more links to explore. Also be sure to check out my review of Petticoat Ranch.

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