A Sister’s Test (Sisters of Holmes County #2) by Wanda E Brunstetter – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Barbour Publishing, Inc. (January 1, 2008)
In Book 1, A Sister’s Secret, the story focuses on the oldest Hostettler daughter Grace who becomes Grace Schrock. This Book follows the middle sister, Ruth, as she becomes involved with a wondeful caring young man named Martin Gingerich. She has always dreamt of marrying and having her own family one day and if Martin falls in love and proposes she will be well on her way to that dream. Despite the sporadic attacks on the Hostettler Family and property, Ruth is content and looking forward to a bright future. The book starts out with a work frolic to rebuild Cleon and Grace’s house that was burnt down in the previous book. When she goes to offer drinks to the workers, Ruth is nearly slammed by a carelessly dropped hammer falling from the roof. It just happens that her ex boyfriend Luke is the one with “slippery hands”. Thankfully Martin warns her in time and she is out of range when it comes down.

We get to rejoin the story of these spirited, steadfast sisters as Ruth is moving toward the fulfillment of her life dream. Unfortunately things are about to change for the worse for her and her family. Will Ruth’s faith be shattered or will the storms about to batter them all merely strengthen her resolve and commitments? This is certainly a tear jerker to read but the characters face the same questions and doubts that I think I might if I were in their shoes and their reactions are not only believable but presented in such a manner that the reader finds themself empathizing with each emotion and response throughout the story. I so love when characters are thoroughly developed and feel like you are in the midst of old friends when you open up the next book about them and these books are exactly like that. As soon as I started in on this book (albeit several books and almost a month after finsihing the first I was once again back with this family very quickly.(ISBN#9781597892728, 288pp, $9.97)

Be sure to check out my review of Book 1 and the excerpt from Book 3. A review of Book 3 will be coming soon. In the meantime click on the bookcover to purchase this book or for more info and you’ll easily be able to find the other books from the bookseller page as well.

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