Seeing Through the Lies by Vonda Skelton – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Regal Books (February 1, 2008)
Grab a copy of Vonda’s book and your favorite tea or coffee drink and set aside a few hours on a Saturday. Ladies this is one of the best studies I’ve seen out there in a long while and it doesn’t take you 2hours of homework a day to get through a chapter in a week. Vonda’s packed so much into less than 4hours of reading time that you could spend another four looking up scripture references and answering questions. Eight hours? you say. Well people that’s the whole entire book plus five days worth of scripture passages to go along with each chapter. Better yet she doesn’t just give you a verse or two here and there these are good solid chunks of Truth sometimes entire chapters or more. I plowed through the reading portion of the book including the scriptures and skimming the questions in a little over half a day. However now I want to go back and really get the meat out of this little treasure. There are funny stories, sad stories, scary stories (not horror mind you just plain scary situations) all peppered into what reads like a discussion with your best girlfriends when you need a wake up call about something you know you are twisting into a tangled mess of half-truths. As Vonda says “A half-truth is a whole lie.” This book uncovers a whole mess of half-truths this world and society have passed off as truth and a whole lot of us out there have accepted as such. Wow OK so now you ask what do I do about it if I’ve been sucked in (and I myself have more often than not)? Grab Vonda’s book and settle in for an intense round of girlfriend get your act together from the next best thing to your closest gal pals. Not only does Vonda reveal the misconceptions behind these twisted truths Satan would like us to keep falling for she gives readers a giant basket full of solid Scriptural truths to refute them along with practical ways to actually follow our Lord’s footsteps and keep from losing sight of where He’s taking us. One of the major keys here is FOCUS my friends and Vonda certainly keeps that pointed in the direction we ought to be going in this book. (ISBN#9780830745012 , 194pp, $12.99)

Click on the bookcover for more info or to purchase a copy. Also drop by Vonda’s website and blog. If you’re still not sure this book is for you or a woman in your life then grab a peek at the first couple chapters by clicking on the dowload link below the bookcover at the right of the page the previous link takes you to. It didn’t take me that far into this book to realize it was definitely a winner and my copy will be waiting for me to really dig in very soon.

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