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WaterBrook Press (May 20, 2008)
This month our feature is Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer. This happens to be the first book I have read by him but intrigued me enough to want to see what else he has written. This particular book I found well written but the subject matter and presentation were personally disturbing. I also felt that the author hooked the reader into characters with a story line that was not fully resolved. Most of the minor plot lines were addressed but I was left with a sense of the main thread still hanging loose when I completed reading this novel.

Brouwer does however write a compelling speculative novel in a very short space. This book is under 300 pages and covers a broad spectrum in terms of technology, religion and politics in that limited territory. He broaches topics and technology that are already in existence and a very intriguing what if scenario which could easily be the case in a near future America. He doesn’t date his story but looking at clues within the story his setting is likely the 21st century and could with a few changes be right around the corner for us now.(ISBN#9781400070, 256pp, $19.99)

I hope to post my summary/teaser of this story for readers tomorrow. In the meantime check out what other CSFF bloggers are saying. There will be posts at the following blogs at least once, in several cases more, from today – Aug 25 thru wed – Aug 27.

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The above listing can also be found in my right sidebar under the CSFF Banner. Finally don’t forget to visit Mr Brouwer’s Website for even more about him and his books and click on the bookcover to check out more about this book specifically.

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