A Passion Redeemed by Julie Lessman – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Revell (September 1, 2008)
Once again Julie Lessman has more than satisfied this avid reader. She’s delivered another of her emotional roller-coasters with wonderfully vivid characters I’ve come to love. If you haven’t read A Passion Most Pure then go grab yourself a copy and come back here to find out about the sequel.

The one character I didn’t really identify with in book 1 was Charity who takes center stage in this book as she so desperately tried to do in book 1. However by the end of A Passion Redeemed I was utterly flabberghasted at the person she was becoming. I was also saddened by the twists and turns life took to bring her to that place. This book may have started out slow for me compared to APMP but it quickly turned into another winner in my “book” as I visited with my old friends, especially Faith, from book 1. Faith still remains my favorite O’Connor sister but I suspect Elizabeth will be giving her a run for the money come spring. Be sure to read these books in order. Charity’s story really has more impact if you know all the background.

Charity remained behind in Ireland at the end of APMP to help her Grandmother and great Grandmother. Of course anyone who knows Charity knows there was a plot about to be hatched that required her presence on the Emerald Isle and involved a certain male friend she was determined to hook. Can Charity overcome her past and what deep, dark secret has brought her to the place she is today? Real love is foreign to her and the only emotions she understands are shame and guilt. She’s tried to hide behind her masks for so long however that it has become nearly impossible to recognize and accept unconditional love as well as risk the rejection she is sure will come if she admits the truth. Be sure and grab a copy to find out the rest of Charity’s story and what it takes to change her desire from seducing any willing male within her sphere to a Passion of a very different type. (ISBN#9780800732127, 480pp, $13.99)

The First Chapter posts tomorrow. Don’t forget to visit Julie’s website and click the bookcover for more info or to purchase your own copy.

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