It’s All About Us by Shelley Adina – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

FaithWords (May 12, 2008)Acceptance, fitting in, and having the right connections are among the things all people especially teens crave. How far will you go to snag and keep the guy everyone in school dreams of dating? Do your beliefs become a moot point when you turn to mush at the slightest recognition from the best looking guy on campus? What is right and wrong anyway and shouldn’t you let your heart choose in the end? Lissa Mansfield dauighter of Hollywood’s up and coming director Gabe Mansfield faces these and many other questions as a transfer student to the posh boarding school, Spencer Academy in one of SanFrancisco’s spendiest neighborhoods.

Lissa has left her home, friends and schools she grew up with to start her Junior year in a whole new locale and facing an entirley different A-Crowd than the one she was familiar with and belonged to aithout question back in Santa Barbara. Dad is stationed at “The Ranch” in Marin county nearby for the next couple years working on a major project and Mom flits about the world organizing celeb benefit events which leaves Lissa with the choice of staying home without them and with a live-in staff person to chaperone and provide the amenities of a substitute parent or enrolling as a live-in student at Spencer to be closer to Dad and spend their mutual free time together. The only problem is Spencer’s A-Crowd doesn’t want her encroaching on their territory and Vanessa Talbot is determined to remain the reigning queen at all costs. Vanessa will not only make Lissa’s life miserable she’s going to make sure the entire world knows that Lissa doesn’t deserve to be part of the A-Crowd and will never be. How will Lissa handle a postion in the pecking order that was always a non-entity for her and will her need for acceptance undermine any self respect she may have had as well as convince her to forget she actually has beliefs that mean more to her than status? Read this book to find out how her faith and friendships mold Lissa in this new and very different era in the life of a girl who “has everything”. (ISBN#9780446177986 , 256pp, $9.99)

Click the bookcover for more info and to purchase your own copy. Read the first chapter in Sunday’s (Sept 21) post and check out the sequel there as well.

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