This Weeks Giveaway – When the Morning Comes by Cindy Woodsmall

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Although I haven’t read this yet I am looking forward to both it and When the Soul Mends. I do highly recommend reading the series in order so go grab a copy of When the Heart Cries right now to be ready if you win this book. If you really want to skip book 1 I can’t stop you but I think you’ll find it works much better to read the story from the very beginning in this case.

If you can’t wait for my drawing then use the bookcover link to buy your own copy. If you’re not sure about this book read my review of book 1 and use the bookcover for info about this book.

Leave your comment here sharing an event that changed the direction of your dreams for your life and how God used that event, whether it seemed good or bad at the time, for ultimate good in your life and perhaps others’ lives as well.

Don’t forget to leave a way to contact you or I’ll have to exclude your comment from the drawing. Emails can be disguised yourname[at]emaildomain[dot]com to avoid spammers. Also sorry but postage is terribly expensive so I can only send this to US addresses. Drawing will be on Friday October 17.


  1. For me, instead of an event that changed the direction of my dreams, it was the lack of one.

    I pursued a Master’s degree in grad school for the sole purpose of teaching music in a Bible college. When I was close to graduation, I sent letters to almost all of our denomiation’s colleges, knowing that one or more would want to snap me up. Instead it was one rejection letter after another. Meanwhile, my minister back home kept saying, “If nothing opens up for you, we still want you here.”

    So I went back home, started a job as his secretary, became a music associate and sermon research assistant, and met the wonderful guy I’m married to. And I have a daughter who is leading a campus ministry in Germany.

    Lesson learned: God’s plans for me are much better than anything I could ever dream of.

    Thanks for a great giveaway. I’d love to read Cindy’s book.

    cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

  2. Hello, I had quit college with only one class to go! It was a required statistics course, and I was afraid I would fail the class. I lost my scholarship and thought I would never get my degree. My dad wanted all 3 of his children to have college degrees. I did get a job, but knowing that my dad wanted me to finish school, I was never comfortable. One summer, I decided to take the class and ended up with a good grade because I worked very hard with the professor’s help. Thanks, Cindi

  3. I have When the Soul Mends, but havent read it yet…I like to read series in order and I dont have the first two.

    For me, having kids certainly changed the direction in my life. Things got put on hold, but I’ve realized that in the past few years my dreams have changed because my priorities have changed (for the better).


  4. Drawing closed – new one up by end of day.

    Carole – I emailed you for an address to send the book to.

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