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Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Berkley Hardcover (September 2, 2008)
As we rejoin Daria and the rest of the gifted in book 3, they are enroute to Avignon and the current residence of the Pope while also fleeing the pursuit of their nemesis Amidei and the others that he and the powers of darkness have enlisted along the way. At this point Hasani is still missing from their number and they soon discover that another unlikely candidate will be joining them from amongst the population of Avignon itself as the previously absent prophetess they have been wondering about. They gain many allies along the way but still also have many battles ahead as well as encountering many who are on the fence and must have Truth proven over and over before they accept it as such.

Once again Lisa had me glued to the pages of this spiritual battle embodied in individuals who stood up for the calling they believed they had straight from the Lord during the period of the Catholic inquisition. Many were threatened by that mission because it went against current sanction of the church and others because it thwarted their master of darkness. What a rollercoaster adventure the reader is led through as Daria and her entourage once again find themselves facing loss, trial and those the evil one has claimed as his own along with a religious elite who question anything that steps beyond the bounds of their authority. Will the Gifted finally find rest and peace? Will Amidei and his fellow minions of evil be thwarted once and for all or continue to dog the steps of God’s chosen messengers?

Lisa has managed to weave in rich details of history and faith as she propels this adventure forward at a blindingly swift pace. So many of the characters and so many of the situations in this epic battle that we are facing even today reflect those we are ourselves or those we see in our life experiences. Who will we choose to be in our own walk and which side of the battle will we find ourselves on? Will we allow the enemy a foothold in our lives or commit to use the Lord’s gifts to us for His glory regardless of roadblocks and resistance to His message through us? This book is not only an engrossing, enjoyable read it forces the reader to evaluate their own life choices and consider if they need to adjust their loyalties. Hang on for another suspenseful narrative full of twists and turns that you don’t forsee but yet could so easily be true to life in our own day. (ISBN#9780425223420, 384pp, $24.95)

Be sure to visit Lisa’s Website to learn more about her and other projects. Read my reviews of Book 1, The Begotten and Book 2, The Betrayed. Don’t forget to get your own copy or check out more reviews and info by clicking the bookcover.


  1. *sigh* good review. I still need to get my hands on a copy of book #2 & 3. Alas, the life of a book-a-holic.

    How did you get the comment window that you have? instead of the normal blogger thing? I noticed that you and Amy have it. Just the pull down window thingy.

  2. I hope I get #3 to read. I got not one, but two sets of books 1 and 2! And the book 2 is a hardcover. 😛 Maybe I should swap something with MJ for my book 2, eh?

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