Bon Appetit by Sandra Byrd – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

WaterBrook Press (September 16, 2008)
This is the continuation of Lexi’s journey soon to be followed by the culmination of Sandra’s French Twist series. Lexi thinks she is well on her way to attaining the “dreams” she was shooting for in Let Them Eat Cake however it seems things may not be as simple as they appear nor are the true desires of our heart as obvious as we sometimes expect. She has a possible relationship on deck however she also has another “dream come true” opportunity that would take her on a literal journey to a place she’s dreamed of since childhood and a job she never knew she could make a living at but she’ll be passionate about. When she leaves behind the “blooming romance” and almost dream job offer in Seattle will she find true fulfillment on this literal trek or is there also another journey she is merely starting as well? Grab a copy of this sequel which takes us on yet another series of adventures in the life of an “average” 20-something who is just realizing where her true dreams lie and will have many more dilemmas along the road ahead of her. (ISBN#9781400073283, 304pp, $13.99)

Use the bookcover to read more about this lighthearted yet lesson-filled sequel of adventure, growth and faith for Lexi. You can also purchase a copy for yourself while you’re there. Don’t forget to check out my review of Let Them Eat Cake – the 1st book of this series – as well

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