My First Blog Award – Yeah!!!

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

On a day that I was rather down my blogging buddy and a fellow bibliophile,
Margaret (MJ) of Creative Madness
presented me with something very special and encouraging. An I Love Your Blog award. MJ you made my day, BTW – thank you very much for including Bibliophile’s Retreat on your list.

As part of the rules in accepting the award you:
*display the award on your Blog
*link back to the person who gave it to you
*pay it forward & nominate 7 blogs
*add links to those seven blogs
*leave comments on their blog telling them you gave them an award
*enjoy the award

So here’s who I’m passing it forward to:
Geralyn at The Time Mistress who posts book reviews when she actually has time to read between writing her own books and I know I can count on her to point me in the right direction on a book I’m thinking about if she knows anything about it and at Author Geralyn Beauchamp this is where a favorite author throws the teaser crumbs from upcoming books when we beg hard enough, LOL. This is also where she posts other “authorly” stuff about her, her books, writing and the like. (Yes this is two blogs but because it’s one author I’m only counting it as one award)

Katrina at Callapidder Days. Sooo many reasons to love this blog. She’s yet another bibliophile, more book reviews to read and best of all she hosts the annual Fall Into Reading challenge that I stumbeld across last year and of course I am attempting it again this year with yet another ridiculously ambitious list of books LOL.

Karina (the human behind the dragon) at Vern’s Blog. Author and creator or should I say transcriber for my favorite dragon detective, Vern as well as a master of writing comedic scenes. I wander over to get my fix of Vern and the craziness of his world until I can get my hands on the soon to be released 1st Dragon Eye PI novel featuring none other than himself and Sister Grace of course.

Hanna at Hanna’s Life is Cool. Yes another bibliophile buddy though not a book blog this time. She posts the occasional review but is more into artsy stuff life sewing, graphic design and the like. I love her style in terms of graphics and blog designs. Since hers changes garb every so often I’ve seen a few different outfits along the way just there.

The Favorite PASTimes Blog. This Blog covers a variety of historical fiction books and authors, offering reviews and interviews along with other relevant content to readers of Historical Fiction (a favorite genre of mine).

David at CFRB. An author friend and cofounder of this growing and vivacious blogger review group. One of the things that’s different about CFRB is we tour a wide variety of books and genres within Christian Fiction many of whose authors are new to being published but talented and gaining reader fans as these books get discovered.

Jennifer at Quiverfull Family. Another bibliophile blogger. This is the ambitious blogger who started a Christian Book Carnival and hosts it most weeks to collect a plethora of Christian book reviews in one spot so that those of us who frequent the web searching for new reading material can find out about even more books at once.


  1. Congrats on your blog award. Your site is much easier to read now and very pretty too! I have enjoyed looking through all of the information here. Thanks for stopping by and inviting me over. It was a nice treat!

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