Faith~N~Fiction Saturday: Week 7

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Well I’m chiming in at the last minute here but Amy as usual came up with quite a doozy this week. She started the Buy Books For the Holidays Blog encouraging us all to purchase gifts for our friends and family that either encourage an already active love of our friend the book or get them hooked for ones that are still not sure about the whole reading thing amd now she is asking us to either ask other Faith~N~Fiction participants for help finding that perfect literary gift or share our own list of ideas.

Alot of others have done category lists by type of reader or genre but I think I’m just going to throw out a list of some of my favorites this past year or so with a short description and let readers decided what might appeal to them or their giftees. So without further ado my list:

No library is complete without my own personal “blockbuster book” of the year Time Masters Book One: The Call by Geralyn Beauchamp – If you read my review last Fall or was that Summer you’ll see two key points that I think pretty much sum up this book as best one can in a nutshell for a watermelon with more variety than the gourmet produce section. These two points are: the best question to ask is how not to describe this book as trying to describe it requires a list of just about everything in the literary kingdom and then some and it blew many of my long time favorites out of the water with its story and quality of writing. Of course please do use the link above for the whole story on this book.

Next on my must haves for every library would be A Passion Most Pure and A Passion Redeemed, respectively books 1 & 2 of Julie Lessman’s Daughters of Boston historical series. Again a debut that blew me away. See my reviews of Book 1 and Book 2

Well my theme in books that blow me away is the emotional rollercoasters and yet another one that did so is It’s Not About Me the first of Michelle Sutton’s Second Glances Novels. This is a YA book that can be enjoyed by a much wider audience than just teens. See this review.

Another historical series I loved was Lisa T Bergren’s Novels of the Gifted. The Begotten, The Betrayed and The Blessed in that order make up this riveting adventure trilogy including travel about Italy and France in the process of solving a puzzle that is hundreds of years old. See my reviews by clicking hte titles.

Last but not least, and yes you’ll find I have a thing for historicals, is In the Shadow of Lions by Ginger Garrett. I just finished this one so you’ll have to chdeck back for a review but the First Chapter went up today on the FIRST Wildcard Tour. This is a different approach to historicals than I had seen before but Garrett really makes it work and her main character narrates for us a story of Anne Boleyn’s life that was new to me as well as introducing the man behind the “first” English translation of scripture which predated the KJV and was for all practical purposes banned by the Anglican church because only Latin was a proper language for scripture.

DOn’t forget you can always scroll through the Book Reviews blogroll in my left sidebar and check out anything that sounds intriguing too or to see if I reviewed a specific title look for it in Alpha Order by Title in the same blogroll.


  1. Thanks for the mention. If you think “It’s Not About Me” was an emotional roller coaster ride (insert wicked laugh here) wait until you read “It’s Not About Him”

  2. It’s been hard to keep up with all the books coming out throughout the year. I’m glad to get a “top of the list” list for your year of reading. I own four of the eight you have listed and have read three of those, looking FORWARD to the other I have on hand. Your list gives me a wish list for my next “wanna have” books to look forward to. Thanks.

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