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Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

WaterBrook Press (January 13, 2009)
This is a wonderful resource for authors who are looking for publishers for a WIP or finished project without a home or writers who are still working on getting that first piece published. The resources are not limited to a single type of work or subject matter. Publications and publishers are listed by category for non-fiction and by genre for fiction. Both the book and periodical sections begin with a topical listing of publishers that gives them an idea which entries to seek out for more information based on their type of writing. Stuart even lists poetry markets both books and periodicals as well as periodicals that publsih book reviews, both of which I personally find helpful as I read tons of fiction but haven’t pursued writing anything that lengthy.

The topical listings are followed by the alphabetized detailed information for each publisher as well as a market analysis section. While this makes up over 3/4 of the book the remaining 100+ pages also provide a number of other resources and materials useful to writers and authors alike including conferences and workshops, writing groups, editorial services, agents and contests. The book culminates with a listing of publishers sorted by denomination where applicable and a listing sorted by corporate groups also where applicable. In addition to all of this the book includes a “bonus” section after the periodical publishers that lists specialty markets such as greeting cards and gift products. As with the 2008 edition this year includes a CD ROM with the contacts for the majority of markets listed in the book. While this is the only resource of its type I am aware of for Christian writers in the US I also suspect if any competition does exist this would qualify as the most comprehensive resource hands down. This copy will join its companion from last year on my reference shelf and be well used by the time the next edition rolls around. These books are well worth the cover price especially as they come bundled with the CD ROM for quicker access to the details for a given publisher. (ISBN#9780307446435, 560pp, $34.99)

Purchase a copy of Christian Writers’ Market Guide 2009 or click the bookcover. Drop by Sally’s Blog for updates and industry news. Visit the website for more about the book and details on how to lock in this years price for future editions by ordering direct from the author and subscribing to get each annual edition as they release.

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