Age Before Beauty by Virginia Smith – My Review

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Revell (February 1, 2009)
Allie the oldest of the Sanderson sisters has recently had her first child and is struggling with many things including her faith and self image, partially as a result of the changes that come with parenthood for both her and her husband, Eric. Virginia once again thrusts us into the midst of the craziness and wonderful supportive atmosphere of sisters who will always be there for one another regardless of the ups and downs of life. Having only one sibling, a brother, I was not blessed with the same connection to sisters or even friends growing up but am seeing friends in my life now becoming like sisters over the past several years and can only imagine what it would have been like to have friends or sisters like Allie, Joan and Tori are for each other for my entire life.

Despite the support and love of friends and family we all need to learn some of the same lessons that the Sanderson sisters face about love, life and faith in the Sister-to-Sister series. In book 2 will Allie realize the true source of her worth and can she let go of the failures or perceived failures that others really don’t see but she thinks they are harping on? Can she find the one source of everlasting love and embrace it despite the failures of those around her to be more than human in their behavior and choices? Can any of us really make it beyond our humanness and the hurts we’ve experienced because of poor choices that touch our lives and stick with us, without surrendering to our Creator, the only one who will stick by us and love us beyond what any human is capable of? Perhaps Allie’s story can help us to see our own worth or that light at the end of the tunnel when we are trapped in the consequences of human choices (our own or others) that make life seem overwhelming and frustrating to us. I highly recommend this series but with a slight caveat, please do yourself a favor and read the books in order. Stuck in the Middle will give you some significant backstory and other background on these sisters and their story that will make reading Book 2 much more enjoyable and fulfilling. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for Tori’s story coming next year in Third Time’s A Charm as well. (ISBN#9780800732332, 320pp, $13.99)

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