The Echo Within by Robert Benson – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Waterbrook Press (January 6, 2009)
This small book is packed with reminders that God speaks to each and every one of His children consistently though we may not always be aware of that communication and it often comes through inaudible methods. This is not to say it can’t be “heard” but that the means of reaching us is not through our ears rather through our hearts, minds, and spirits and more often than not because it is a message for us specifically those around us are not aware anything was ever “said” to us. Benson uses mostly personal testimonies both from his own experiences and those that others have shared with him. These stories are shared as a narrative presented topically to illustrate the concepts Benson wishes to impart regarding communication with and more specifically from God. Each section is quite short which makes for an easy read on the go. One can easily grab this up and read a section as a morning devotion or evening meditation or during a lunch break from work likely in under 20minutes a piece.

While Benson doesn’t quote or include much scripture in his writing here I would say that the concepts and ideas he is presenting do not contradict my understanding of scripture. Since the narrative is primarily derived from personal testimonies and is obviously presented to the reader as such, the format and style the author uses is not only appropriate for the material but also effective for drawing the reader in and holding their attention. Since the book does claim to be grounded in Biblical truth, as I always do I will again encourage readers who are interested in the topic or content of the book to take their time and measure what the author is saying against The Word of God – which I consider the ultimate authority in all cases but especially when an author is writing to and for fellow believers. For encouragement and enlightening reading on listening for and hearing God confirm desires and dreams He planted in us I definitely think this book has some wonderful potential though it is by no means an exhaustive reference at 150 some pages it merely scratches the surface of an expansive topic which I would also recommend studying the scriptures on in-depth as well if you are looking for more than just a quick summary or introduction on the subject.(ISBN#9781400074341, 192pp, $14.99)

Drop into the author’s website. Click the bookcover above to purchase your own copy as well as read more about the book.

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