Sweet September by Tricia Goyer – My Review

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Guideposts (2008)
This book happened to be my introduction to this series though not the author. Sweet September is book 2 in an ongoing series with multiple authors put out by Guideposts. I’ve enjoyed some of Tricia’s recent historical novels so of course had to check out these books when I heard she was part of the team even though they are contemporary fiction. Tricia’s usual style and characters that could become a reader’s best friend shine through in these books as I’ve come to expect from my previous reading of her work. She even manages to sneak some history in here and there along the way.

Sam, Emily and Christopher have recently been uprooted from the only home they’ve known, San Diego, and dropped into farm life in small town Indiana with their grandparents. Their father disappeared nearly a decade ago when Christopher was still a recent addition to the family and Emily was barely old enough to remember she’d had a father. Now they’ve lost their mother to a terrible accident and their home along with her. As Sam and Emily navigate the waters of their teenage years they must also come to terms with a new school, new home, making new friends, and adjusting to life in a very foreign environment in many ways. Christopher misses Mom as well but perhaps because of his age and a penchant for adventure he seems to be adjusting more quickly than his older siblings. Charlotte and Bob, the grandparents turned parents again, also have adjustments to make and mistakes in their past to learn from as they parent a new generation of the family and hope that things turn out differently this time around. Be sure and pick this book up for an inspirational look at family dynamics and the issues surrounding many contemporary realities both for kids and their parent figures. If you fall in love with the Stevenson/Slater family as I have you’ll probably want to catch up on the rest of their story by reading the entire series.

Drop into Tricia’s website or click the bookcover above to visit the Home to Heather Creek website and purchase the books. If you want to purchase just a specific title call Guideposts Customer Service (800)431-2344.

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