Lying on Sunday by Sharon K Souza – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

NavPress Publishing Group (Sept 15, 2008)
Abbie Torrington is blithely preparing for her husband’s return from his routine business trip to Texas and the celebration of their younger daughter’s birthday. When the phone rings she neglects to check the caller ID and assumes the unfamiliar voice is a salesperson. As she is about to extract herself from a nuisance interruption, the caller shatters Abbie’s world with their identity and the news of Trey’s death. While Abbie contacts family and her best friend, there is more devastating news on the way. The caller reporting her husband’s death is from a hospital in San Diego, which should not have been on his itinerary and shortly after Shawlie, her best friend, arrives to run interference for Abbie and attempt to manage the details Abbie can’t face the doorbell rings. When Abbie opens the door and the delivery it reveals she is holding a sheaf of legal documents initiating divorce proceedings on her husband’s behalf. What can and will she tell the girls and her parents? Faith is the only recourse left but is it enough? Is God the critical, unfeeling entity she grew up being taught about or the loving, comforting one her mother-in-law, Winnie brought to life in her later years?

Read Souza’s latest emotional drama touched by sparks of hope and friendship that we all crave especially on the darkest days. Even those who can’t identify with Abbie’s specific experience have been through something that required the stability of friends and family to lean on as Abbie needs in this tale. Despite the betrayal of someone she expected to be there for life, Abbie must eventually discover the only source of stability that will remain steadfast is not human but divine and will remain faithful for eternity but we must choose to run to Him rather than away. (ISBN#9781600061769, 427pp, $14.99)

Drop into Sharon’s website or click the bookcover above to purchase your own copy as well as read more about the book.

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