Rachel’s Secret by B J Hoff – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Harvest House Publishers (October 1, 2008)
Rachel Brenneman has lost so much yet is still concerned about those closest to her left in this world. Although a widow she still holds a spark for her first love who was also her husband for such a short time before the events that ended their companionship so abruptly. As she is cherishing the memories and grieving her loss one night with the mementos of a love she treasures, an Englischer and his companion (a former slave) arrive at her door seeking refuge and to connect with others they had planned to assist. The Englischer is ill and wounded but little does Rachel realize the impact these men and their mission will have on her and her life. The Captain, Gant, traverses the river’s length helping captives flee their oppressors. While nursing Gant Rachel discovers her heart beginning to open once again to the love she thought lost forever. While that love will always live strong in her heart and mind finding happiness and love with another, especially an outsider could prove disastrous in the cloistered Amish community where she resides.

Hoff has proven herself to become a new favorite in both the Amish and the Historical realms for me. She keeps the story moving and brings the characters and cultures to life before my eyes. While the story is primarily a romance she weaves it into a rich plot rife with adventure, secrets, puzzles and twists both for the characters and the reader. I look forward to the upcoming releases both in this series and other offerings by this author. Her venture into Amish society during the era of the Underground Railroad was not only engaging and entertaining it also was a learning experience even to a reader who has been a fan of Amish novels and historicals for many years but this was the first novel I’ve encountered that merges this era with Amish characters being an integral part of the network we’ve all heard so much about. (ISBN#9780736924184, 272pp, $13.99)

Visit BJ’s site. Also don’t forget to click the bookcover above to purchase your own copy or read more about the book.

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