The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Multnomah Books (September 6, 2005)
I had read this book a few years ago but it never hurts to reread something as applicable as this. Not currently being in a financial position to “throw money around” I know how hard giving up anything extra is especially in American society. However regardless of finances we all can still give perhaps of our time and talents but when we do we are providing something that can prove more valuable than money to the recipient. Making time to volunteer or to share our talents where they are needed may not be easy either but I have found that when I have time on my hands and I put it to good use I am much happier even if I’m not receiving financial compensation for it. I have a purpose for that bit of time I have invested and I am providing something needed by the people or organization that receive my time be it friends, family, church etc.

This book focuses primarily on the money aspect of giving but in our current economic climate other ways of giving back to God are probably even more important. I do not think we should be looking for ways to avoid giving money but when circumstances prevent us from having the means to do so rather than feeling guilty for something beyond our control we can give in other ways or increase those non-financial contributions until we are once again able to give financially. This author does make some good points but I do disagree with the position that most if not all advocates of charitable giving seem to present that firstfruits and the tithe are always money or product related. In my own reading I have not seen time and talents addressed except in passing or as a secondary giving medium. This would be my only real argument with many authors and speakers. Though I do not believe the tithe was scripturally intended to be other than money or crops in the context that it was first approached, but in today’s economy money and crops are not necessarily what we have to give from but our attitude and management of the finances and other gifts or contributions we make is definitely important regardless of what the medium of giving is. Be sure and check this little book out for some insights into the rewards of giving with a generous heart as well as some pointed questions for self investigation and study of the principles and scriptural commands regarding giving and our attitude towards money and things. (ISBN#9781590525081, 128pp, $9.99)

Visit Randy’s site. Also don’t forget to click the bookcover above to purchase your own copy or read more about the book.

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