Swiss Courier by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey – My Review

Revell (October 1, 2009)
Intrigue, espionage, and players on the fence of neutrality amongst their neighbors on both sides of the conflict take prominent roles in this WWII Historical. The picturesque alpine regions of Switzerland facing the German border have been marred by the ongoing battles of both the physical war as well as the genocide of the Nazi regime adjacent to their natural beauty. Gabi and her compatriots in the Swiss offices of the American intelligence agency which preceded our current day CIA along with their friends and comrades in enemy territory cause readers to ask if people are really faithful to their professed allegiances. The involvement of Swiss citizens in American Intelligence operations also begs the question of when is neutrality merely a mirage produced to hide true allegiances from prying eyes?

A very important project in international military history hinges on a key German resident of whom the Nazi’s wish to rid the world in their genocidal fervor despite the unequaled value of his unique knowledge. Gabi and a small contingent of family and coworkers are tasked with retrieving this genius before his knowledge and abilities are forever removed from the world’s resource pool. Can they muster their forces to perform this risky rescue mission without hitches that could imperil all members of the plot as well as the object of their secretive maneuvers and his scientific knowledge that could change the face of international conflicts for decades to come? Who can they trust as allies and of whom should they be wary as they encounter those who might be enemy plants amongst them while claiming to be on their side?

Be prepared for this story to carry you along at a pace which seems to snowball as events continue to unfold amongst it’s pages. While the ending proves to sate the reader’s appetite for well crafted resolution of the conflicts presented, it still seems to be over all too quickly for one who craves a quality read with puzzling twists that are only revealed in sparse portions throughout the unraveling of Goyer and Yorkey’s storyline. Once again Tricia has proven her staying power as both a novelist and historian of this captivating era of international history. Yorkey’s expertise is also evident in the vivid details and descriptions of various locales and events throughout the story. (ISBN#9780800733360, 336pp, $13.99)

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