Menu For Romance by Kaye Dacus – My Review

Barbour Publishing, Inc (July 1, 2009)
Kaye introduced readers to her Bonneterre Louisiana extended family of the Guidry and Boudreax clan in Stand In Groom. This book continues the saga with Meredith and the Major cooking up more than amazing recipes and mouthwatering buffets for their catering customers. Will they finally plot to serve up their hearts to each other instead of hiding them under busyness and family secrets they are ashamed to have broadcast to anyone let alone the one person they can never remove from their thoughts and longings? Can Major finally serve up more than his signature dishes to satisfy a hunger for connection that both he and Meredith still keep hidden especially from one another? Their hiding from emotions and hurt might just be a self fulfilling prophecy for broken hearts on both sides if someone doesn’t snap them out of it in time. Be ready for some surprise revelations from both characters as they finally realize that in trying to protect their fragile hearts and trying not to foist their individual burdens on the other they are merely paving the way for more emotional injury to themselves. Can God break through the walls of their stubborness to bring this perfect match about? (ISBN#9781602604551, 320pp, $10.97)

Click the bookcover for more info or to purchase a copy. Look for other FIRST Wildcard member posts and opinions also. Don’t forget to check out the author’s site Thanks to Barbour for providing this book for review purposes.

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