The Raven Saint by MaryLu Tyndall – My Review

Barbour Books (January 1, 2010)
In Tyndall’s 3rd story of the Westcott daughters, Grace embarks upon one of her accustomed errands of mercy never expecting to be swept up as a privateer’s loot to be sold to a remote island as the property of it’s owner for his own purposes. As she realizes she is trapped in these uncomfortable and dangerous waters, she begins to search for her purpose in a place she hasn’t chosen to be. Her faith although battered by life and circumstances beyond her control somehow manages to survive even when those around her want nothing of her preaching and praying ways. Will she renounce her beliefs in order to survive or will steadfast faith eventually prove it’s ability to stand against even the roughest seas of life? Will her sisters ever see the light she has been trying to shine into their hearts and embrace the love of her savior as she has all these years? She now needs her sister Faith’s ingenuity to provide escape but is there any way to alert someone sympathetic to her plight before time runs out? These sisters while close in terms of their blood relationship and bonded to some extent as a result of losing their mother as youngsters still have their differences that could get in the way of acknowledging their kinship or trusting the people with the resources to save them from their elder sister’s imprisonment at a husband’s hands. (ISBN#9781602601581, 320pp, $10.97)

Visit MaryLu’s website and Blog. Click the bookcover for more information or to purchase your own copy. Thanks to Barbour for a Review Copy.

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