Eternal On the Water by Joseph Monninger – My Review

Pocket (February 16, 2010)
As Monninger’s story unfolds the reader continues to be encouraged to not only cherish dreams but to desire those that motivate them the most so deeply they can’t imagine those dreams being deflated by reality and life. Living life to the fullest is Mary’s primary commitment and she will allow nothing, not even her overwhelming attraction to Cobb, to derail her path or change her choices about daily situations. Since her father carried a genetic parasitical disease she would rather live life as if she were healthy with no warning if her own genes rebel, sucking out her lively and vivacious personality once the disease attacks her. So long as she doesn’t know if she will be affected life can be lived in the moment and she can chose to spare both herself and others the misery of seeing the disease progress while life itself trickles away irretrievably once the disease manifests for her. Monninger’s characters entered my life for but a moment via this book yet the passage of years marked by what we might consider inconsequential at the time actually details a life fully lived for the time it was given in our temporary abode of earthly bodies. Mary lived the saying Carpe Diem by reaching for her passions and dreams until she could no longer. When that time came she said her farewells to those left behind while preserving her dignity and stature despite the ravaging of her disease. Cobb her first and only true love among humans carried out her request for the end to the letter even to letting the river she loved which also happened to be the place they first met carry her away to her eternal destiny in a place where her disease no longer held any sway. Genes may have been a sentence of expiration for anyone but only Mary Fury could have carried out a life of studying the corvids she admired and watching others find their own passion for something that they could pursue during their productive years here on earth despite not knowing when that time would come for her or if the dreaded gene pool would finally show its fangs. (ISBN#9781439168332, 368pp, $15.00)

Visit Joseph Monninger’s webpage. Click the bookcover for more info or to purchase a copy. Thanks to the publisher for a review copy.

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