Jenna’s Cowboy by Sharon Gillenwater – My Review

Revell (January 1, 2010)
Though I am a prolific reader especially in the historical and fantasy genres of fiction, from time to time I find a contemporary fiction or something else outside my normal reading patterns that I end up loving just as much. Jenna Callahan has been faced with lots of change and the consequences of choices made as a very young woman. When the man who has loved her from a distance since they were teenagers returns from a tour of duty in the Middle East, her father relents from his adamant insistence that Nate Langley was less than his only daughter deserved. However Nate has some skeletons in his personal closet after active duty in the military during the US War on Terror. His potential father-in-law told Nate he was unworthy of his “princess” and chased him off before the two were out of highschool. Jenna’s father instead pushed her into marriage with a sports star. Despite her faith and the baby that came along in this relationship, the marriage was really nothing more than a sham. Yes her former husband had a lucrative career in sports but family was a responsibility he would rather leave behind in favor of his short lived career. Nate is still tight with Jenna’s brothers and when he returns from roaming both Texas and the world the Callahan’s are some of the first residents of Callahan Crossing to welcome him home. He must help his folks keep the cotton farm running smoothly but at the same time needs part time work to contribute to the family expenses. Jenna’s father and brothers both realize that Nate still harbors strong feelings for her and she might well be in the same situation.

This may be a contemporary novel but it still proved to be a fulfilling escape to a world far removed from my own daily existence. Country life has always intrigued me from the days when I fell in love with Laura Ingalls Wilder through both her books and the TV show adapted from them. Despite being a city girl I have always dreamt of having my own space and horses one day. While that dream may never be fulfilled literally, I still revel in stories from both the past and present featuring farms and country abodes removed from the daily hustle and bustle of modern life. Sharon’s story and characters proved to be the perfect distraction I seek from my reading adventure. There are many other surprises for both the reader and characters in Sharon’s action packed story of survival, love, and the commitment to home and family many wish were more prevalent in our modern era. I look forward impatiently to my next visit with the denizens of Callahan Crossing in upcoming sequels to Gillenwater’s first Callahan installment. (ISBN# 9780800733537, 330pp, $14.99)

Use the bookcover above to find out more about the book. Drop by Sharon’s website. Also visit Christian Bookworm Reviews for more book reviews of Inspirational fiction from other avid book lovers. Thanks to Revell for providing this review copy on behalf on Christian Bookworm Reviews.

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