The Hidden Flame by Davis Bunn & Janette Oke – My Review

Bethany House (January 1, 2010)
I grew up reading Janette’s Prairie romances. I loved the epic family dramas and happy endings though I was too young to realize that in our modern society these were merely fantasies that would likely never come true. I still cherish some of the dreams those stories built in my imagination and enjoy escaping through story worlds as I read. Now Oke has joined with Davis Bunn in another collaborative series which has been above and beyond the expectations built by their earlier Song Of Acadia collaborations. This new Acts of Faith series is based off the early church in Israel as their numbers grow and persecution by Jewish and Roman authorities becomes increasingly rampant. The historical accuracy and detail weave a rich tapestry for fictional characters throughout this era of birth for Christianity. In the second installment, The Hidden Flame, Oke and Bunn bring us back to Jerusalem and the followers of the Way as Alban and Leah have fled for safety during the final moments of their marriage celebration. Abigail and Stephen become the central followers in this portion of the story as two outsiders vie for Abigail’s heart though neither of them manages to capture it. Eventually Abigail and Stephen’s paths intersect more closely through their service among the community of followers and the need to protect Abigail from these suitors who are not proper mates for a woman of faith. How will Abigail and Stephen view their arranged marriage and can they both survive the increasing persecution by the local authorities? Will the community also continue to thrive despite the scattering necessitated by that persecution?
(ISBN#9780764207426, 400pp. $14.99)

Visit Davis Bunn’s Site & Janette Oke’s Site. Look for other Blogger Reviews. Don’t forget to start with Alban and Leah’s story in The Centurion’s Wife (book 1). Click on the bookcover to purchase a copy or for more information. Thanks to Bethany House for a Review Copy.

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