A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin – My Review

Revell (March 1, 2010)
Revell has once again delivered an author I can’t put down. I spent two evenings with my face buried in Sundin’s debut historical. Not only did this author confirm my trust in those at Baker’s imprints who choose new work to publish, but right out the gate they are promising a series following characters I came to love very quickly. Allegra (aka Allie) Miller comes from a pillar of the community in Central California. As she returns home after pursuing a business degree at Scripps, her best friend and college roommate, Betty, requests her presence for her upcoming wedding. Although her parents have chosen the man Allie is to marry and will be turning over her father’s ball bearing manufacturer to Baxter when her father leaves his position managing the company, Allie and Baxter have little comittment to build on and Allie desires a marriage for love not to follow the family edict. As she learns more about marriage and faith, Baxter begins to show his true colors which push her towards obedience to her Lord rather than being yoked to someone who will drag her away from serving God and sharing her love for Him with those she encounters along the path of her life. When she spends the wedding week with her friend Betty and those her friend grew up with, including a neighbor pastor’s son on furlough before he ships out for combat duty in the war, she discovers what it is like to have a connection with someone that requires very little effort. Although when they find that both have neglected to share important details with one another about their feelings and desires but eventually build a relationship via letters, things get a bit rocky and even more so when Allie’s parents give an ultimatum regarding where she “belongs” and threaten to disown her. Can true love and God’s way win out over greed, money and position or will Allie be forced into a loveless marriage simply for the appearance to society? (ISBN#9780800734213, 432pp, $14.99)

Codicil:Use the bookcover to purchase a copy or find out more about the book. Drop by Sarah’s Website. Thanks to Revell for a review copy.


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