Another Award for Bibliophile’s Retreat

Alayne over at The Crowded Leaf passed on One Lovely Blog Award which I am to pass on to fifteen newly discovered blogs. I’ll do my best to come up with fifteen but it may be less. Alayne has stopped by Bibliophile’s Retreat a few times for the Mailbox Monday that we both post.

I apologize to Alayne for taking so long to get back to this award and pass it on. Now for my list. I’m a regular reader of several book blogs but have started to discover a few new ones since I got back into the habit of checking out MM posts and posting it myself.

1) Just today in fact I discovered a fellow Portland Area Bibliophile who quite appropriately calls herself Rose City Reader. It also seems we have a common taste for mysteries and one of her latest finds is a vintage mystery featuring a French main character.

2) Beth at The Crazy Life of a Bookaholic Mom is my next nominee and yet another Mailbox Monday find.

3) There’s also Alyce At Home With Books She’s got up a Kate Morton book that I just ordered from a buy one get one 50% sale last week. Morton is a new author to me so I’ll have to hope my risk pays off.

4) Serena of Savvy Verse & Wit. Yet another MM find and she has up a novel based on one of the Bronte sisters that I saw in last week’s Mailbox Monday and now am considering adding to my wish list.

5) Holly @ Bippity Boppity Book. She has up a book that I hadn’t heard of yet but is extremely intriguing as it features Claude Monet. This book covers two of my favorite things, French Impressionist artist I fell in love with during a Study Abroad experience in Paris many years ago and of course historical novels.

6) Kathy, Bermuda Onion. I’ve visited her blog ocassionally but not really on a regular basis until recently. She has an Anna Quindlen book and a Beth Kephart up this week. Both authors that I am starting to hear more about and may end up adding to my wish list one of these days.

7) Wendy, Literary Feline. She has a review of The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli that sounds intriguing.

8) Stephanie, Stark Raving Bibliophile has If I Stay by Gayle Forman up. This sounds like a tough read emotionally but a deep one.

9) Jackie at My Ever Expanding Library. She has a reading challenge posted that caught my eye and I may drop by the discussions later on. There is a group working on Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and the challenge runs through November and perhaps may be extended. Since I just read book seven in January, I don’t think I’ll join the challenge itself. But of you haven’t read them or all of them (in order of course) you might want to check out the challenge. There’s a badge in Jackie’s sidebar that links to a blog for the challenge.

10) Here’s another Austen fan and a blog all about Austen books and related literary stuff.
Tea’s Classic Austen.

11) Lady Gwyn’s Kingdom which looks like a historical fiction paradise.

12) A Sea of Books has several giveaways up including The Moon Looked Down by Dorothy Garlock. This looks like something I might read one of these days.

13) Red Lady’s Reading Room looks like a cozy place to visit and enjoy lots of bookish chatter.

14) Kristen @ Bookin Around. Another haven for those with a bibliophilic bent.

15) Let Them Read Books got a boatload of historicals many of which look enticing to this historical lover.


    1. You’re welcome Kathy. You’ve got quite a variety of reviews on your site but when I see something that appeals to my taste and know you’ve read it or will, your review will give an honest assessment of the quality that author puts into their work. I’m lucky in that so far when I pick something new to try, it might not be the usual things I read but I often find new genres of fiction or new authors to enjoy.

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    1. You’re welcome Gwendolyn. It takes a little extra time to mention something but I run into so many links reading other blogs where they list people they’ve passed on awards to without any description of the blog or comment about it’s content that it’s much nicer for me when I’m on the other side (reading instead of writing) to see something that gives an idea of whether there might be something there which appeals to me or if it sounds like something that would be better suited to other readers. I’m much more likely to explore links I know something about before I go clicking haphazardly around the net. I also look forward to congratulating whoever wins The Moon Looked Down from you as well that is if it’s not me.

    1. Wendy thank you for your kind comments. Since I changed to self hosted wordpress last fall it’s been a learning process to work out the kinks but it certainly gives me something to keep the mind challenged when I discover yet another coding issue to attack.

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