A Stranger’s Wish by Gayle Roper – My Review

Harvest House Publishers (February 1, 2010)
A modern woman, caught in the hurtling speed of contemporary America and imprisoned by her parents’ plan for her to follow in the family legacy of professional law, wants nothing more than to escape a stifling office and let her imagination roam as she pursues her artistic hobby. When she finally breaks away from the leash her parents wove for her to follow, she finds fulfillment not only in nurturing the artistic bent of children who are still young enough to crave the chance at expressing their thoughts and feelings through creative pursuits and experimenting with new ideas but also discovers that the breakneck pace of contemporary city life is just as stifling as her parents’ dream of her following in their professional paths. On impulse she discovers an Amish family who want to take in a boarder so follows up the lead. When she discovers that their farm is close enough for her to still commute while school is in session but rural and peaceful, a year lease is sounding more appealing by the minute.
As Kristie leaves behind whirlwind life in the city, other things begin to change as well. Through her time away, she starts piecing together the puzzle of her true identity both in Christ and as an artist. She also learns much about the Amish community that has been right next door for many years. During this journey of self discovery will she also find others with creative spirits being stifled by tradition and legacies they never chose for themselves as well as clearer perspective of her own feelings toward people surrounding her and true love where it is least expected? Read Roper’s first volume in an ongoing story of faith, hope, love and most of all personal discovery. Kristie’s move certainly starts out with a bang at the Zooks’ farm. Between trips to the emergency and meeting many of those in her new neigborhood, Kristie still finds time to continue her hobby of painting and learns to appreciate the intricate artistry of quilts and other practical hand-made pieces the Amish spend their time crafting for use around the home. Amongst the pages of this book are also a number of twists and turns to the plot that even I couldn’t have predicted and connections to people who are not what they seem or pretend to be. (ISBN#9780736925860, 224pp, $10.99)

Visit the author’s website. Read an excerpt. See what other FIRST Members have to say. Use the bookcover above for more info or to purchase a copy. Thanks to Harvest House for a review copy.

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