Sing by Lisa T Bergren – My Review

David C. Cook (April 1, 2010)
This book like its predecessor, Breathe kept me on my toes as I was reading. I have yet to find a book from this author “predictable”. Bergren takes suspense, romance, adventure and engaging characters like bars of spanish gold and secrets them away throughout her plots for the vigilant reader to discover as they mine the treasures of her writing. While she has written other historical series, this is the first set in Colorado in the midst of Gold Rushes, Tuberculosis patients seeking a relief from their suffering and release from the spectre of death stalking them daily, and people merely searching for a bit of excitement in their lives by traveling west just for a change of scenery.

In Sing we revisit Odessa and Moira St Clair as well as their brother Dominic as their lives are taking directions they have only dreamt about with perhaps a few detours along the way. Moira’s singing career has launched quite successfully in Europe, Dominic has traveled the world and made a name for himself as a “fighter” who wins nearly every match he enters. However, Moira’s career is soon floundering when her agent and money vanish in tandem and Dominic’s fighting days are prematurely terminated when a gambler loses what he expected to be a sure bet on Dominic’s victory despite the opponent having an obvious advantage in size and power. The thwarted player imprisons Dominic as a sailor on his merchant vessel to “repay” the loss he blames on Dominic. Eventually Moira and Dominic find their detours returning them to Colorado Springs where they left their sister behind with her new husband and fellow Tuberculosis patient. Odessa and her husband return to run his ranch outside the town and somewhat isolated from social contact. When Moira and Dominic find themselves back in the town they left one has become the victim of the former Sheriff she refused to wed and the other is feeling like his life is on hold with the dreams he carried about the world now shattered at his feet back where he first started. Love and fulfillment for Odessa’s siblings don’t come quite as easy as they did for her and her devoted husband. Despite her circumstances and the peaceful abode away from those who have a score to settle, she still becomes a hostage in her nemesis’ plan to relieve her husband and family of a purported cache hundreds of years old. How can love, honor, and respect come together in the lives of these St Clairs who are the last of their family line? Be sure to not only get your copy of this second volume of Bergren’s Homeward trilogy but catch up on the backstory in Breathe, the first volume and read the culmination of their saga in Claim the final volume.
(ISBN#9781434767073, 384pp, $14.99)

Visit Lisa’s Website. Read the an excerpt. Don’t forget about Book 1 – Breathe and Book 3 – Claim as well. Thanks to TBB Media for a review copy.

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