I Heart Bloomberg by Melody Carlson – My Review

David C. Cook (April 1, 2008)
While these characters are around 10 years my juniors and living a much plusher life than what I have experienced, their friendship and adventures still prove to be something I can identify with in some ways. Megan is just out of college with an education degree but doesn’t start off in a teaching position. Lelani’s life and plans have been transferred from her plan A to something else by her first child that her parents decide to take from her and send her away from the only home she knows (Hawaii) to “figure her life out” on the mainland. Anna though she loves her family is desperate to be independent and make her own choices rather than be forever a child living at home. Kendall lived a charmed life as the youngest of several siblings who were much older than her. Her parents and siblings bailed her out many times over and when her Grandmother allows Kendall to live in her house after she moves to an assisted living apartment, the family all thinks she is “off her rocker”. Meantime Kendall decides the house is her ticket to an easy life and figures if she can rent out the other three bedrooms she is set for life without needing additional income. However she soon discovers she is being overly optimistic about the possibilities for rent and income to support herself. Throughout the year they share a residence and become more invested in one another’s lives, these girls all learn much about people and life that help them become better people themselves.

Be sure to join in the year long visit with these four women as life deals them twists and turns that each must navigate and watch them become more than roommates as their interactions become catalysts for growth and discovery for all of them. (ISBN#9781589191044, 292pp, $14.99)

Visit Melody’s website. Be sure to follow the remaining adventures of the Bloomberg Girls in the other three volumes of 86 Bloomberg Place. Use the bookcover above to read more about the book or to purchase a copy. Thanks to David C Cook for a review copy.

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