Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah by Melody Carlson – My Review

David C. Cook (September 1, 2009)
The girls return after their “vacation” of sorts in Maui. Two of them have or will soon have new members of their families joining them at Bloomberg Place. The two mothers will also be adding husbands to their families shortly as well. Their children will have fathers to love and care for both them and their mothers though the new men aren’t their biological fathers that makes no difference to the grooms to be. In the midst of wedding planning, engagements, and summer in Portland starting to reveal itself the Bloomberg foursome also have family commitments and plans with their boyfriends’ families. In addition to two of the four getting married, Megan has promised to accompany Marcus for his Sister’s wedding and Anna and Edmond have his step-brother’s Bar Mitzvah to attend. Oh and Anna’s brother Gil is one of the lucky grooms who snagged one of the Bloomberg girls while Keeliki, one of Leilani’s surfing buddies from Maui is the other lucky man. Keeliki and Kendall met and have continued their dialogue via email and letters since Spring Break and Gil and Lelani have been dating since shortly after the girls moved into the Bloomberg house. Carlson has introduced a few new supporting characters as the series moved along but Keeliki and the babies are the only ones that will be a permanent part of the foursome’s lives. Though this novel leaves both readers and the Bloomberg girls saying goodbye to characters/friends we have come to love and care for deeply, Carlson doesn’t leave things so tied up that life and perhaps these characters can continue sometime in the future if their further stories demand to be told just as this chapter of their lives has done. I must say it is sad to say goodbye to beloved friends in this series however being so torn about a series ending is one of the signs I have found a wonderful bunch of books that could certainly be enjoyed for rereading in the future. (ISBN#9781589191082, 304pp, $14.99)

Visit Melody’s website. Click the cover above for more info or to purchase a copy. Don’t forget to start reading at the beginning of this series. Thanks to TBB Media for a review copy.

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