Starlighter by Bryan Davis – My Review

Zondervan (March 23, 2010)
I thoroughly enjoyed Davis’ previous YA series set in three parallel universes where the timelines had lost their equilibrium. While the setting for Dragons of Starlight, Davis has created yet another world. Starlight operates similarly to the world of Eternity’s Edge yet at the same time is so very different. The dragons are a new element of Starlight and the method of traveling between worlds functions differently in Starlight.

When I discovered this talented writer had a new series on the way, I was delighted to have a chance of reading it. Once again Davis creates an imaginary world and universe readers are not only able to identify with, but the rich detail and attention to building not only the places but the inhabitants as well, draw readers into an alternate reality as we discover Jason’s and Koren’s struggles and dreams. Starlighter was not only a pleasure to read it transported me to the midst of the human lives trapped amongst creatures they not only feared but also must obey despite the tasks expected of them if they wished to preserve not only their own lives but those around them from harm as a result of their captors displeasure. While Koren and her people are stuck in a world where the only lives considered worthy of protection are those who have the power to destroy anyone they wish, Jason lives where stories are told of this other world but dismissed as myths or legends even though Koren’s people came from Jason’s world generations earlier. The dragons found a connection between the worlds and after the humans were stolen through this portal Jason’s people somehow sealed it as a protective measure without concern for those trapped and held in an unfamiliar land full of danger and threats to their very lives. If Jason and his friends can reopen this portal and return the humans to the world they belong in leaving behind the creatures who have claimed authority over them. (ISBN#9780310718369, 400pp, $9.99)

Visit Bryan’s Website. Click the bookcover above for more info or to purchase a copy. Thanks to Zondervan for a review copy.

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