BBAW 2010 Coming this Fall

It looks as if I may have missed the deadline to register but I’ll go ahead and post this just in case and to share with my readers about Book Blogger Appreciation Week in general. Another book blogger I am acquainted with, Amy of My Friend Amy’s Blog was instrumental in kicking off this week long annual festival for book lovers and book bloggers a few years ago.

If I were to enter I suppose I’d have to choose the Eclectic category since although I am a “picky reader” and have preferred genres, I don’t really focus in on any one specifically and am always willing to try something new whether or not it turns out being a good experience.

Here are five of my posts I’d choose for readers to check out.
1 – Review of The Duke’s Handmaid by Caprice Hokstad – This started out a self-published fantasy kicking off a series and has now found a publishing home at Splashdown Books a new small publishing venture based in New Zealand. The cover that Splashdown redesigned for this new edition showcases the book quite well and increased the attractiveness in my opinion.

2 – Review of The Devlin Diary by Christi Phillips. Once I cracked open her first novel Phillips wove her way into my heart and mind through superb writing and descriptions in one of my preferred genres historicals but her books do not truly fit any one category alone – romance and mystery would both describe this accurately and Phillips also weaves in a very important contemporary storyline as well.

3 – Review of The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen.

4 – Review of An Echo In the Bone by Diana Gabaldon. Again important warning. This is the 7th and so far final book in a series that builds on itself. This book and the first 4 were easy reads in that I didn’t struggle with boredom or scenes dragging on. Books 5 and 6 however were more difficult and moved slowly. Due to the fact that these volumes build on the previous books and lead into the 7th I suggest trudging through them, the reward of understanding people and events in the final book as well as reading and enjoying it without holes in the storyline is worth the struggle with books 5 & 6.

5 – Last but not least Review of A Passion Denied by Julie Lessman. Be warned this is third in a series and there is a new series following up with stories of the remaining 3 siblings of the O’Connor family releasing its first volume very soon.

I look forward to seeing other posts and participating in BBAW in other roles besides the awards this year and I’ll try to catch the registration before the deadline next year for the rewards. Best of luck to those who are registered for the awards and I look forward to connecting with other book bloggers who may be new to me as well as perhaps finding new readers as well.

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