Licensed for Trouble by Susan May Warren (P J Sugar #3) – My Review

Tyndale House (July 2, 2010)
I’m only about halfway through this book so while I always make a point of not giving away endings or key plot twists out of respect for the author and their work, I do try to let readers know whether I felt the ending was satisfying to me as a reader or left me with important questions still rattling around about the events or characters of the story. Until I have completed reading this book I can’t give you guys my thoughts about how Warren wraps up her series but I will try to remember to come back and update this post at that time.

In the meantime I can share some of my thoughts about this book and the series in general. Also be sure to check out the other tour hosts and Warren’s Kindle Contest, you’ll find the contest details in another post and I’ve provided that link at the end of this post with other interesting links and notes that aren’t a part of the review itself.

Licensed for Trouble follows P J’s continuing path to become a legitimate PI. Her “mentor” and “would be boyfriend” Jeremy Kane has mentioned P J’s uncanny instincts and hunches several times throughout their tandem journeys. However Jeremy must often think he took on so much than he bargained for when Boone Buckam (local Police Detective and P J’s highschool sweetheart) keeps crossing their paths, dragging P J into yet another inadvertent misadventure and proving that neither P J nor he have gotten over their teenage bonding. P J wants to be just friends with Boone and perhaps more than that with Jeremy but so long as Boone and their feelings remain unresolved Jeremy will fight to maintain his distance from P J both to avoid getting drug into the wake of her latest foibles and mishaps but also to respect the ghosts of teenagedom that haunt P J and her “first” love. In this third volume of Sugar’s escapades Jeremy has steered her into the steps toward earning her PI License. Of course Boone’s nickname for P J, NBT, which is also the title of Warren’s first novel featuring P J (Nothing But Trouble) seems to always rear it’s head in new and creative ways along the path of her life. In this newest installment P J inherits a ramshackle estate she has dreamt about for years. Though it falls far short of the mansion/castle in her fairytale princess aspirations, she still attempts to refurbish the place and make herself a new home between hunting down a probation dodger who was part of the graduating class a few years ahead of P J, begging Jeremy for her PI license NOW, and somehow still stumbling through the pitfalls of her uncanny attraction for mayhem and mishaps. Enough for now and I’ll let you know my feelings about the wrap up of this page turning series when I finish the book but no giving away how the story ends even to end incessant begging. The only way you’ll “get” the ending of the book and series is to read it yourself. (ISBN#9781414313146, 400pp, $13.99)

Visit Susan’s Website to learn more about P J and her “Trouble” Series. You might even find some other books that interest you while you’re there. Warren is a prolific author and the quality doesn’t suffer as a result of the quantity she puts out. However there may be a bit of a wait to get your hands on her next new release while it’s going through the writing process since every book takes as long as needed in order to be the best it can be. Check out the other bloggers participating in this tour. Don’t forget to check out the Kindle giveaway sponsored by the author and Litfuse. Thanks to Litfuse Publicity Group for organizing this tour and providing a review copy of the book.

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