Catching up on Reviews (Books DNF’d)

These titles were opened but put down early on in the reading and didn’t have the pull to pick them back up that some books do. Since they’ve been collecting dust for a month or two I decided it’s time to move on to other reading and forget about them.

A Nation Rising
by Kenneth C Davis
Smithsonian (May 11, 2010)

Being a History fan, and loving historical novels I thought this would be a non-fiction read I could get into. The Don’t Know Much about History author has added this series of short stories about America’s early years as a self-governed nation to his bibliography this spring. Reading the information about the book and author intrigued me but reading the book itself proved anti-climactic. I made it through about half the stories and just couldn’t find the motivation to continue reading. The content would have been interesting but was presented in textbook style and much drier than I expected. However if you are a history lover that doesn’t mind a read many would find tedious this may be more up your alley than it was mine. (ISBN#9780061118203, 320pp, $27.99)
Codicil: Thanks to Harper for a review copy. My apologies for taking so long to post about this book.

This book being a historical novel and covering some of the early events in the development of Penicillin (an early antibiotic) again sounded interesting. I looked forward to starting it but found myself trudging along trying to keep moving forward but IMO the plot stagnated with little movement and I finally gave up on it after several attempts to continue reading. If readers are fond of medical and historical literature fiction or non they might find this an interesting study of the times, places, and people associated with the development of a very important medication that is still used in modern times. (ISBN#9780061252518, 544pp, $25.99)
Codicil: Again thanks to Harper for a review copy, also my apologies on taking so long to post about this book as well.

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