War of Attrition by Frank Creed – My Review (CFRB)

The Writers Cafe Press (October 24, 2010)
While I didn’t line up with the raving fans to get my hands on a copy of Flashpoint there was more than a sufficient amount of WOM that Frank is an author to watch before the opportunity to review this title came up. Needless to say I still haven’t read Flashpoint but War of Attrition can easily introduce new readers to Frank’s literary forays. Yes this is second in a series following Flashpoint. However as a new reader to this series, I felt there was adequate reference to follow this futuristic thriller minus the more detailed worldbuilding that likely occurred in Flashpoint. Creed is definitely a detailed writer however he somehow packs more into 240 some pages than many authors do in twice that or more. His cut to the chase, action packed prose nearly leaves readers dizzied with the stacatto pings of FBT (Federal Bureau of Terrorism) semi automatic weapons broken only by the nearly inaudible bursts of BoC (Body of Christ) silenced weapons that take an opponent down before they knew it was even coming. Despite the intricacies of futuristic technologies, End Times prophecy both Biblical and otherwise, and the necessary introduction of readers into unfamiliar people, places, and times – Creed has hit not only a home-run but a grand slam or better yet a couple of them. Allegory and imagery are used to not only enhance the story itself but to delineate many spiritual disciplines and concepts for believers as well as those who have fallen prey to the One State that now controls the entire political and religious system of Earth as we knew it. The BoC though powerful and of course directed by the ultimate power and knowledge of Christ still has a long way to go in their own development. Growth cannot be neglected though neither can food, rest and sufficient planning if these saints intend to Liberate other humans from thedemagogue dictators they have dubbed Nasty Neros or NN for short. They may have to spend much of their time collecting intelligence to cut off the NN and One State schemes that attempt to not only rid the earth of these religious fundamentalists (Fundis as the One State disciples call them) but to destroy anyone who gets in their way though they’d consider themselves much more successful were they able to turn the tides to their own advantage rather than eliminate the competition. Check out the latest adventures of Calamity Kid, his sister e-girl, and the rest of their band dedicated to freedom and His will (in other words the Biblical Trinity, Father – Spirit – Son) as opposed to the FBT, One State, genetic and technological experiments, disciples, and the unholy trinity somehow a part of their connections destroying not only the physical earth but anyone who dares to defy their rules. It may be only an assumption perhaps even wishful thinking on my part but either way I can’t wait for another installment in Creed’s Underground. If I don’t get too bogged down in my other reading, I will also try and catch up with Flashpoint, out of order though it is there are still allusions and references in WoA that leave me curious though not dissatisfied with reading these books out of order. This has become a more frequent situation I encounter as I review books that are midstream or at times the culmination of a series. While they all build on one another in some way, not all series provide adequate detail and reference to previous events in later books to make readers feel they still have sufficient knowledge when reading the books out of order.
(ISBN#9781934284063, 246pp, $9.95)

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  2. Melissa–
    Thanks for a great review! I do hope you get the chance to read Flashpoint. From what you’ve said here I think you’d like it.
    It will be a couple of months yet for War of Attrition, but the Underground series is available in Kindle format.

  3. Thank you Melissa. Your review was marvelous, as always, but it was needed from another viewpoint. The other reviewers have already read Flashpoint and we really needed someone in here who had not read that as yet. That’s where you really fit the bill. You talk about the greatness of War of Attrition without knowing what’s in Flashpoint. That has got to be something potential readers will want to see. Thank you, for your time and for the great review.

    David Brollier recently posted..War of Attrition- by Frank CreedMy Profile

  4. Thanks for saying that, David. Melissa’d input is especially valuable to me BECAUSE she’s reading the series out of order. It’s most encouraging!

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